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About us

Owner Patricia Scott Preaster is a licensed massage therapist at massage with healing touch. practicing since 1993, specializing in deep tissue which is a major massage which helps with all kinds of pain in the body. We are located at 5022 Gulfport Boulevard, South Gulfport Florida 33707

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Our goal is to provide the highest quality care available by utilizing proven physical and psychological methods to reduce pain and increase mobility and functioning with the clients we treat. Our policies and procedures are to provide quality outcome for our client. We are obligated to help people aim for healthier, more productive lives by managing their pain and incorporating proper body mechanics.
What are the general benefits of massage therapy?
* Increase circulation
* Increased energy
* Increase sense of well-being
* Improved posture
* Improve biomechanical patterns
* Greater flexibility and movement
* Decreased muscular pain
* Decreased bodily toxicity

Types of massages

Reduces chronic pain also recommended by doctors for those who suffer from chronic stress, and possible side effects like tension headaches, rigid shoulder, lower back pain, and tight muscles. Deep tissue massage can be a great relief. This massage also removes toxins from the body and helps with and can promote pain free healing throughout the body. $59
Relaxation massage, most commonly known as Swedish massage is the application of light to moderate pressure strokes does promoting deep relaxation, reduction of stress, pain relief, improvement of sleep. It also aids in digestion and facilitates healing. $45.00
A relaxing full body massage can give the woman much needed rest, reduce muscle tension, and prepare the woman for impending musculo-skeletal changes of pregnancy. Once you are in your second trimester you should no longer lay on your stomach unless you use pregnancy pillows. In the first trimester the only big no no is doing massage work directly over the lower pelvic area near the uterus. Avoiding certain pressure points can stimulate labor such as the back of the lower calf area on your legs and too much circular massage on the stomach area. $59.00
This treatment does wonders for all individuals who want to lose a few inches / pounds focus points and best results are seen in the stomach or waist area of the body starting at $25.00
Reflexology is a treatment done primarily on the feet and hands, to help relieve pain, improve circulation, strengthen immune system, stimulate nerve functioning and increase energy. $59

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